I believe children learn in different ways. What works for one child doesn’t always work for another. Some children learn visually so they need to be shown how something works before they will understand a concept.
Some children learn by doing, or kinesthetically, so they need lots of hands on activities to learn. It is a teacher’s responsibility to present concepts in many different ways so all her students can grasp what is being taught.
     At River Rock Child Care I believe it is important to give children different kinds of opportunities to learn through Art, Sensory Play, Dramatic Play, Block Play (this is one of my favorites!), Cooking Projects, Small Group activities, Literacy and Math activities.
I weave a concept, such as adding numbers, into all these activities so that all my students can understand that adding numbers is an everyday activity.
      Outdoor play is just as important as sitting at a table and working inside. Children use the natural environment to explore, create, experiment and imagine. Nature teaches children concepts that are hard to grasp reading a book.

  I believe the messier the activity is the better. Children need to have opportunities to explore freely, not worrying about making a mess. If a child’s need to explore his own way, in his own time, is fulfilled, he will learn much more than just a math concept or the alphabet, he will learn about the world around him.